Monica Rotgans is an accomplished professional Artist creating master work oil paintings and bronze sculptures

Monica graduated with honours and awards in 1977 from the Rijksacademie voor Beeldende Kunsten Amsterdam, (State Academy for the Fine Arts). Working independently as an artist, author, researcher, and teacher, she has mastered a wide range of techniques and materials throughout her successful professional career.

Monica has developed a series of in-depth presentations and publications based on her intensive research and analysis.This series presents the various methods of historical and contemporary paint and colour usage in the Fine Arts.

Art Works

Paintings and sculptures by Monica Rotgans are now on exhibition at her art Studio in Amsterdam

The 7Colours Project

Paint, the Story of Art

An exciting initiative by Monica Rotgans is the 7Colours Project. This project is directed at providing a fuller insight, for the reading and viewing public and professional audience, into the development of the use of pigments, dyes, and colour in the visual arts. It is a comprehensive, multi-media project that will cover the period from Prehistory through to the Present Day. A refreshing aspect of this project is that it is informed from both the Artist's practical knowledge and the Artist's unique point of view.